Keeping Coins Away from HodlBot

By default, HodlBot will trade all the coins available on your account. In some cases, you may want to keep coins away from HodlBot.

Binance Sub-accounts

On Binance, you can create sub-accounts. Each sub-account has it's own API keys & permissions.

Fund your sub-account with the amount of funds you want for HodlBot. Then set up API keys on your sub-account, and connect that to HodlBot.

Here's a tutorial on how to setup your Binance sub-account.

Multiple Binance Accounts

According to Binance, one user have multiple Binance accounts. You may want to create a Binance account exclusively for HodlBot. Considering referring yourself when you make multiple Binance accounts so you can earn a small reward based on TX fees.

Multiple Kraken Accounts

According to Kraken, one user have multiple Kraken account. You may want to create a Kraken account exclusively for HodlBot.

Open Limit Orders

HodlBot does not touch assets involved in open limit orders. One trick to get HodlBot to ignore some assets in your account is by placing limit sells at crazy high prices. As long as the limit order is open, HodlBot will ignore the asset.